Picture of indian man dressed in red and black button blanket is paddling a canoe

Native American beliefs include a strong reverence for animal life, the environment, and each other.

The Native culture is rich and diverse. It's important to consider and know the culture of each individual tribe when you visit their land.

Picture of several indian men dressed in pow wow dancing regalia. The feathers are real eagle feathers.

The Costal Indian Tribe is a Sovereign Nation, meaning they have their own government inside of the United States that consists of Tribal Council. Each Tribe makes decisions on how best to balance their community and tradition.

To avoid misunderstandings or violations of their customs, Native American Footprints respectfully ask all our visitors to follow the appropriate protocol.

•We ask that you do not enter sacred and ceremonial areas and respect the protection of historical artifacts.

•Please be conscientious to signage and obey individual tribal rules and regulations.

•Please respect the privacy of residential communities.

•Ask permission before photographing or recording an individual, an event, or activity.

•Do not pick up or remove artifacts or objects, such as sand, rocks, shells, minerals, marine growth, driftwood from beach, eagle feathers, broken pottery, etc. from any reservation.

•Burial grounds and religious ceremonies are sacred and are not shared with the public or should those areas be entered.

•There will be time that we will stay on reservations and we have the need to walk or jog. Please stay on the roads or paths and do not venture onto the property of others.

If there is any doubt please ask before you venture.

Sequim Eagle picture was taken over the home of Linda Silvas. His wings are extended up as he climbs over the trees.