Woman made her own drum and is holding drum up towards the sun to see the design in the hide.

"Women Gathering in Indian Country"

There is great power and clarity when Women and Mother Nature join hands and walks the path together.

It does not matter what tribe or what part of Earth you come from. We are all born into a tribe and join other Tribes/Sisterhoods during our passage through life. In the tribes we create we will connect with and strengthen the “Me Woman” within.

Six times each year there will be a Gathering Of Women in Indian Country to create a new tribe.

Each gathering builds and represents a collective unity of minds and spiritual strength. We will use our nurturing power to help make the changes needed to rebuild the fragmented family circle. We as women have the power to inspire change especially with in ourselves.

We will plant a cedar tree as a gift to Mother Earth. Traditions tell that the wood of the cedar tree holds powerful protective spirits. This is the Native way. Know that you may return some day to look at the tree you planted, but also know that the tree you plant is growing roots into Mother Earth and is contributing to the eco system, and that touches everyone.

At the ending of our tribal year all sisterhoods will gather together as one. This gathering will unite all the tribal women and together we will reclaim ancient traditions and practices.

“Woman be aware of self.”

After you arrive to the encampment and settle into your lodging we will begin with a smudging ceremony to cleanse your walk into the circle. We will give thanks and blessings for your safe arrival and your journey into Indian Country.

You will journal, meditate, share, make a drum, eat native food and journey into healing with a cleansing workshop and round table collaboration.

In this encampment we share rooms/cabins.

We recommend you dress in layers and be prepared for the weather.

Registration form will be sent upon request.

10 women per tribe.

$650.00 p.p.

A group of women making drums on the beach of Neah Bay Indian Reservation.

Includes food, lodging, drum making, workshop.

$300.00 deposit to hold your place in the circle. Full refund if you cancel 30 days prior. 50% refund for cancellation two weeks prior.

Credit cards and Paypal are accepted

Olympic Peninsula venue to be announced

2011 schedule

March 18-20

April 15-17

May 20-22

June 24-26

July 22-24

August 26-28

Please contact us at: 877 459 TOUR (8687)

E mail:tours@naftours.com




Mailing Address:

American Indian Tours LLC

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Carlsborg, WA 98324

Linda Silvas and Ruth Marcus sitting around firepit drumming with a group of women.