King salmon on cedar sticks roasting around an open firepit. Corn on the cob roasting and people sitting around fire watching and waiting to eat.

In the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance and variety of wild foods. Salmon, halibut, Dungeness crab, clams, mussels, oysters and more from the sea.

Mussels on rocks in the bay of Salt Creek on the olympic Peninsula.

From our forest we harvest grouse, quail, ducks, geese, deer, elk, bear. Wild blackberry, raspberry, salmonberries, strawberries, blueberries, salaberries, chanterelle mushrooms, morels, shaggymanes and more.

The Pacific Northwest is filled with medicinal herbs as well. This is a land of abundances.

Morning breakfast can consist of feather pancakes with huckleberry syrup, eggs, venison sausage, bacons, fruits, wild berry muffins.

A stack of feather pancakes smothered with fresh wild berries, crushed walnuts and huckleberry syrup and whipped cream.

Lunches are a variety of hearty sandwiches, soups, pasta salads, fruits and home made breads and cookies.

Dinners is a feast of Native-caught King Salmon cooked on cedar stakes around an open campfire, roasted chicken, reservation burgers, Indian potatoes, forest salads, corn on the cob and other vegetables. Elk stew served in Indian bread bowls, seafood soup and Indian breads, Venison meatballs on pasta.

Gail Young who helps with our tours is standing next to the firepit were four 50 pound wild king salmon filets are on cedar sticks cooking. We had a huge feast that night.

Our desserts are a creation of berry pies, forbidden fruit pie, cookies, brownies and cakes, wild berry bread pudding.

Jars of wild berry jellies we make from berries we harvest in the forest.

On certain tours we will have lunch with the elders at the elders Center, and you are encouraged to introduce yourself and ask if you can join them at their table. Make friends and invite them to our encampment that night for dinner.

To open our home and share our food is the native way. You will not go home hungry.

We request information from those that have special diet issues and are we are mindful of this.

Wheel barrel of squashes, potatoes and corn that we harvest in Sequim.

Wild berries and fruit that we harvest to make our jellies, jams, desserts and syrups.

We harvest our berries, vegetables, apples, cherries, pears, plums, peaches and much more.

Come and break Indian bread with us.